Hi, I’m Ashly! I work as an engineer in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, and volunteer in our amazing tech community whenever I can. Before this, I was in accounting for a decade - most recently as a Financial Controller. When I’m not in front of a computer, you can find me enjoying the culinary delights of downtown SLC, lounging poolside in Vegas, or hibernating in my house with a good historical book.

So, here’s the deal about the posts you’ll find here. I’m constantly learning things and want to retain that knowledge; what works best for me is writing about what I’m learning in a way that teaches others. And when I first started blogging, I wanted everything I wrote to be a polished, perfect representation of what I know and who I am - but since I never think I know enough, it resulted in a bunch of unfinished posts hanging around. Can’t have that! As a tactic for fighting that dumb perfection-seeking which has plagued me all my life, I now publish as I go. This means you’ll find posts that are first drafts, fourth drafts, outlines, even just notes.

I’m not interested in appearing more knowledgeable than I am, or referencing things I don’t fully understand. There is a lot of that BS in the tech scene and you won’t find it here. Welcome and thanks for reading!