Hi, I’m Ashly! I work as an engineer in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, and volunteer in our amazing tech community whenever I can. Before this, I was in accounting for a decade - most recently as a Financial Controller. When I’m not in front of a computer, you can find me enjoying the culinary delights of downtown SLC, lounging poolside in Vegas, or hibernating in my house with a good historical book.

What will you find here? This is pretty much a site for my own personal use. I didn’t design it myself because I have very little interest in doing that. I have a few blog posts, and a lot of notes. We learn so many things as developers and I’m trying to capture all my notes in one place, instead of in the 6 different notebooks they’re in right now. There may be occasional non-tech posts…but mostly you should expect to be pretty bored if you’re here.

However, welcome and thanks for reading!