The LaMarr List: December 29, 2017

I’ve been on an algorithm kick for a couple of months and while I’ve failed at this goal of completing five algos a week, I haven’t felt too bad about it because I’ve been learning about big O and refreshing my memory on logarithms. Not a bad tangent to pursue! Since I’m super nerdy, it’s been super fun.

  • This blog post is a nice, easy intro to big O.
  • I got this book for Christmas and it’s terrific. After a couple of false starts trying to grasp big O, this author’s explanation of it made complete sense.
  • This baseCS post tackles the explanation of logarithms with lots of visuals and by getting into the nitty-gritty of the math.

This is a great week for our family – Dustin and I often go on vacation for Christmas and then have our family Christmas celebration on New Year’s Day. So we just returned from a week in Las Vegas – sometimes ya just gotta get out of the Salt Lake City cold – and will spend the rest of this year eating, watching movies, and playing lots of Overwatch. Happy Holidays!

Author: Ashly

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