Hire me!

Here’s what people have to say about me:

“…Ashly has a lot of ambition and works very well within her teams.”

“…She has inspired me with her drive for excellence and how fast she picks up on things. It’s been a pleasure working with her.”

“…She’s been an important part of our management team as we’ve had to continually adjust how we do things, thanks to our growth. She is never afraid to be up-front about what she sees, whether it’s a weakness or strength. She does well working with our dozen supervisors in various states and gets along great with everyone in the office…She is always trying to learn new things that will help her in her career, she is never satisfied with the status quo. She knows what it means to work hard, and she excels at working efficiently.”

“…I have watched her grow tremendously as a professional. Once she sets her sights on a goal she is very driven and unstoppable…She has been in charge of several large accounting projects that were all suggested and managed by her.”

“…We immediately recognized that her ability to learn quickly, think intuitively, and fulfill her assignments with an unprecedented level of accuracy and attention to detail would be a huge asset to our organization…Thanks to Ashly’s hard work and resourcefulness, our very complicated and difficult transition was a success…Ashly is a gifted writer and has been called upon many times to consult with management and various departments regarding any number of written correspondences…We have absolutely benefited from her well-rounded skill set.”

“…Ashly is a hard-working individual who will always find something to work on rather than just sitting around…She is a very organized person…Ashly is a quick learner…able to fulfill new assignments quickly and without supervision…I have known Ashly to be a very trustworthy, honest, hard-working employee.”

“…Ashly has completed all of her tasks with enthusiasm and perfection. She is a true asset to this company…Above all, Ashly gets the job done correctly without complaint. I firmly believe that Ashly is up to any challenge given her. If you want something done timely and correct, Ashly is the person to do it.”