I code things

I’m always working on something, though if you looked at my GitHub you’d never know it – 95% of what I do is private! So here’s a history of what I do as side projects:


Creating a PWA for the poor soul who buys all our breakroom snacks at work. We’ve hired 8 people over the last 8 months and we’re still using a pen-and-paper system. My goal is to replace that system with something that works better!


Creating a Chrome for my team at work: it will change the color of the browser depending on if the engineer is in the dev, production, or live version of the web app, and then change the opacity of the color based on which user the engineer is logged in as (i.e. an admin or test user). Wasting time developing or testing because you think you’re in a different version of the app – we’ve all been there, right?

june-August 2017

I took the summer off because I like to spend time with my kiddos when they’re around.