In the summer of 2015, after a decade in accounting and six months into my most recent promotion, I realized I was stagnating. I wasn’t coming up with fresh ideas anymore. I had become accepting of problems because I no longer had the energy to tackle them. I was burnt out. At the time I was working closely with a computer science student, developing custom timekeeping software for a very complicated payroll process. I found myself thinking, “If I had his skillset, I could have done this long ago and saved our employees and staff a ton of frustration.” And so an idea was born, and after mulling it over for four months I decided to go for it. It took me a month to define a plan, then three months to find, hire, and train my replacement. Since then I’ve been working hard to add web app development to my skill set.

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Image of Ashly LaMarr with her family.
Me and the fam at Levi’s Stadium to watch LFC play, July 2016.