The LaMarr List: July 21, 2017

This week I drove down to Vegas for some quality poolside time and you know what road trips mean – time to catch up on ALL THE PODCASTS! Today’s picks are:

  • JavaScript Jabber’s episode #270, “The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide with John Sonmez.” I’ve gone ahead and ordered the book ($.99 on Kindle, woot!) and will read it when I can, but I’m recommending this episode because of the discussion on computer science knowledge (algorithms, data structures, design patterns) and how necessary it is – or isn’t – for your career. Check it out!
  • Front End Happy Hour’s episode #32, “Imposter Syndrome – These are not the drinks you’re looking for.” Join some of my fave Twitter follows for a discussion that proves maybe Imposter Syndrome isn’t 100% awful after all. You’ll come away feeling a little less stressed out, I promise. Listen here!
  • Patrick Wyman’s “The Fall of Rome” podcast, 23 episodes. History is fascinating and the rise and fall of Rome has captivated me for some time – I’ve been trying to find the perfect way to learn more about it. This just might be it! Give it a couple episodes before you quit 🙂

In the meantime, greetings from Las Vegas!

An image of a pool in Las Vegas
Did I mention quality poolside time? BOOM.