Thoughts from week 5 of coding bootcamp

Early in week 4 I’d wanted to quit for at least the 10th time; things got better after that. I don’t think it was because the material became easier or my brain suddenly understood everything – rather, I finally realized I am doing all I am capable of and there’s little sense in beating myself up over incomplete or not-up-to-my-standards homework. There is literally nothing more I can do. I barely see my family, my TV time is limited to Sunday evening’s Westworld, I haven’t gone to a movie or out with friends in who knows how long, I’m not doing the cleaning or the laundry or the cooking or the grocery shopping – all I am doing is bootcamp stuff!

And while my brain isn’t necessarily understanding things completely, it is beginning to grasp how all the pieces fit together and that’s making me feel a little less like drowning and more like (mostly) keeping my head (halfway) out of the water. I am still struggling with the execution of JavaScript itself, but conceptually I’m having no difficulties comprehending things like this, objects, constructors, or prototypes. We’re also dealing with Webpack this week and that’s been fun and interesting. If given the chance, I will still spend 10 hours of an assignment on the logic itself and maybe a half hour on styling and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. JavaScript is just too interesting 🙂